Client Testimonials

"Fishing trip with Taylor Made"

We have fished once in 2015 and twice in 2016 with Captain Dougie and First Mate Michael of Taylor Made Fishing Charters. All experiences have been fantastic. The crew has a great attitude and assists you with catching your fish. During our last trip we fished twice and caught Mahi, Wahoo, Tuna and Sailfish. We were able to take home enough of our catch to eat for 5 days which we love to do. No disappointment with Dougie and Michael. They are so nice and fun to be with on the trip. I would recommend them above the other charters. Not only experts at getting fish but not reselling your fish to the restaurants that profit from your catch!

Fresh Wahoo for Dinner!!

Hi Capt. Dougie,

I hope all is very well. I had a great time fishing with you last Sunday. I have been cooking my wahoo on the grill and with pasta and it is delicious...

I will be back to St Maarten this weekend and would like to go fishing with you again...I will call you as soon as I get in town to arrange the trip.

Best Regards,

Capt.H. A.

fresh wahoo

Looking Forward


I will look forward to Wednesday 2/12, and I am marking it on my calendar. I really enjoy getting out there and hooking up with the mahi. Dougie and Mike always make it an enjoyable time. In the past years, I would call Dougie the day before, and he would pick me up outside my resort. (Flamingo) Would you please send me the number to call from the resort. Thank you and have a nice holiday season.



I Have Never Been So Satisfied

Our deep sea fishing experience was truly memorable largely due to Captain Dougie and First Mate Michael. We have been fishing on other islands in the Caribbean and I must say that I have never been so satisfied with the level of service and commitment these guys have showed us. We caught 6 wahoo, 2 mahi mahi and countless barracuda that were thrown back on a 3/4 day trip which started at 7:00am and ended at the dock at 3:30pm. The Taylor Made Captain and First Mate don't watch the time or use your catch to maximize profits, but they realy enjoy being on the ocean fishing and providing lifetime memories for their clients. The Wahoo we caught ranged between 30 to 50 pounds. We did some research to understand the start of the wahoo migration season in St. Martin. Waho can swim at speeds of 60 mile/hr are considered the fastest fish in the ocean. They can run and burn out the drag on most reels. As you would expect, these fish pound for pound are the hardest challenge in the seas to battle but are the salt water's finest delicacies to eat. The photo that was added was Captain Dougie giving us a thumbs up guaranteeing us that we will get Wahoo on our trip. Talk to the Captain about his friend that catches very large lobsters also for lifetime memories. Wish we'd found Captain Dougie earlier in our fishing travels.

Wahoo Ahead

I caught a Wahoo with Capt. Dougie and then he filleted and cooked it.

wahoo ahead 1 wahoo ahead 2
wahoo ahead 3 wahoo ahead 4

We Kept Our Fish

kept our fish

Most charters will NOT let you keep any of the catch!

This has been a long time policy and a bone of contention with many clients.

Try Taylor Made Charters,

Our group had a blast with them! And caught fish for supper that was cleaned and filleted by Capt. Dougie (at no charge!)!

TaylorMade was the first boat we ever encountered there that gave us fish!

Baked Mahi-Mahi with Veggies!

baked 1

baked 2

Taylor Made is our Secret for Deep Sea Fishing

                  Our 6th & 7th trip with Taylor Made off shore fishing was truly memorable. The reason we keep coming back to St. Martin is only because of Taylor Made. The level of service and commitment of the crew to search out different fishing grounds and to locate specific birds to find the really big fish along the southern drop-offs and even go to Marlin alley is just amazing.

                  We have been fishing on other islands in the Caribbean and Pacific but never had so much success until fishing with Taylor Made. Anthony was our captain on our latest trips but we have known Michael from many prior trips with Taylor Made. They both are perfectionists and extremely hard working.

                  Thanks to Bonni, Captain Dougie, Michael and Captain Anthony for another great time in St. Martin with the consistent fishing outcomes we come to expect from your business. Bonni and Dougie, you are lucky to be gifted with two fine fishing talents with Michael and Anthony. Captain Dougie we missed your presence and hope to fish with you in December 2017 and hope to see you in the captain chair.

                  Special thanks to Michael and Anthony for our success for catching the 28 fish we caught in May 2017!  Bonni, you were amazing when you adjusted our second trip date when we were on St. Martin.

                  TaylorMade Charters from administration to crew defines Quality!